About Us

Transforming Tomorrow – Realizing Ideas Today

Who We Are

An Engineering & Software Services Collaborator

We are a nimble group of product engineering and technology experts, becoming the extended productization and innovation arm for enterprises, SMBs, and trailblazing startups. With a team that converges diverse engineering capabilities, cloud-native expertise, experience design, and data engineering, we’re expediting realization of ideas under agile and cost-efficient development practices.

Business Value With Varseno

4Ps – Differentiating Productization Capabilities

Product Engineering

Expertise allows faster engineering sprints for accelerated GTMs of reliable solutions.

Powered Offerings

Complementing product development and addressing tech-support requirements of businesses – under one umbrella.


Established QA adhering to global compliances, ensures qualified and reliable solution and service delivery.

Powering It All

Engineering teams and process consultants add value with domain expertise and expedite every delivery for cost efficiency.

Leadership Team

Ravi Sigicharla

Founder & Director

Ravi Sigicharla is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in technology strategies, associated solution offerings & practices and drive new business development opportunities. Ravi works with Technology Leaders & Enterprise Architects in partner organizations to incubate new solution ideas that address current and future IT trends. He works jointly to develop market offerings on new and present technologies.

Sawan Jain

Founder & Director

Sawan Jain co-founded Varseno in 2014 with over 20 years of experience in technology strategies, design, and delivery of enterprise software solutions. Sawan is responsible for growing Varseno portfolio of clients. His technical focus is in the design and service solutions for cloud computing companies.

Management Team

Sushil Bhingardive

Chief Solution Architect

Sushil Bhingardive was onboard since the inception of Varseno Solutions. He is a Technology leader with more than 12 years of experience spanning industry verticals. Sushil's responsibilities include overseeing Varseno’s technology, products and solutions management.

Sunil Telgu

Senior Manager of Account Services

As Senior Manager of Account Services for Varseno Solutions ( VS ), Sunil Telgu ( ST ) is responsible for customer service and account management. Responsible for Team Management and People Development including talent reviews & skills development, headcount planning and hiring/onboarding.


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