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DevOps Engineer | Pune

Job Description

Job Profile: DevOps Engineer
Location: Baner, Pune
Years of Experience: 4-6 Years

No. of Positions: 1
Joining: Urgent (Immediate / Max 15-20 days preferred)

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Good exposure of working as DevOps in Microsoft applications and technologies.
  • Strong experience and a sound understanding of CI/CD principles and technologies.
  • Knowledge of basic administration activities in MS-SQL database
  • Knowledge of web hosting Tool IIS, Load balancer tool NLB and windows clustering.
  • Develop, enhance and maintain automation tools to assist with software deployment.
  • Assist in production support duties.
  • High level of experience in running automated builds and deploying web-based\Windows Services\Web Services applications into test and production environments.
  • Responsible of maintaining, configuring and automating production environments.
  • Experience with administration knowledge of Microsoft TFS\GIT\SVN focusing on its source code.
  • Management functionality
  • Release management using VSTS, continuous integration, Azure DevOps
  • Design, implement, test, and maintain build, deployment, and configuration management systems.
  • Build and test automation tools for infrastructure provisioning
    Handle code deployments in all environments.
  • Monitor metrics and develop ways to improve
  • Provide technical guidance and training for team members on DevOps
  • Document and design various processes; update existing processes
  • Implement and maintain best practices, ongoing learning, and process improvement
  • Manage users, security, backup, and recovery
  • Solid interpersonal, communications and partnership skills
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
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Senior SQL Developer | Pune

Job Description

Job Profile: Senior SQL Developer
Years of Experience: 4-6 years

No. of Positions: 1
Location: Baner, Pune
Notice Period: Immediate or 15 days (preferred)

We are looking for a SQL developer lead who will be responsible for designing databases and ensuring their stability, reliability, and performance. Who will also work with other developers; optimizing in-application SQL statements as necessary, and establishing best practices. Who will help solve all database usage issues and come up with ideas and advice that can help avoid such
problems in the future.

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Create, maintain, optimize stored procedures, database and ETL processes
  • Work with all levels of development from analysis through implementation and support.
  • Help write and optimize in-application SQL statements
  • Ensure performance, security, and availability of databases
  • Prepare documentations and specifications
  • Handle common database procedures such as upgrade, backup, recovery, migration, etc.
  • Profile server resource usage, and optimize and tweak as necessary
  • Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders
  • Experience with package writing utilizing SSIS
  • Advanced level of writing stored procedures, reading query plans, tuning indexes and troubleshooting performance bottlenecks
  • Problem solving, analytical and communication abilities.
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Project Manager | Pune

Job Description

No. of Position: 1
Location: Baner, Pune
Notice Period: Immediate/15 days

Job Description

Project Manager will have primary responsibility for day-to-day management of all technical project activities,
technical team members and creation of all technical project management and process artifacts.

Roles and Responsibilities 

• Understand the customer expectations and business perspective of the account.
• Understand security compliance, statutory & regulatory expectations of customer
• Identify/build/validate a technical team that has the skills necessary to meet the project objectives.
• Track and manage the daily tasks based for variances of planned vs actual completion.
• Identify and communicate the technical risks and mitigation plan to the technical team and Architect.
• Work with Product Manager to ensure that the quality of requirements is adequate to meet project
• Ensure that scope is realistic.
• Watchdog responsibility to ensure all artifacts such as technical project plans, designs, test plans,
standards are reviewed and approved by customers before implementation.
• Keep the team motivated to keep the attrition level low and achieve high customer satisfaction.
• Plan training and coaching for all resources.
• Manage team changes to ensure project deliverables are met with adequate communication to
stakeholders, transition plans and with back up resources.
• Work with the resource management team to Identify backups for key resources and for resources where
the attrition risk is high.
• Identify under-performing resources and plan on training/coaching them or replace them as required.
• Ensure that all reporting, tracking, and management tools are updated on a daily basis as the work is
• Regularly schedule meetings with Management to evaluate standard business processes and process
improvements (milestone reviews, post mortems, post release analysis, audits etc.)
• Provide proactive and clear feedbacks to management about the status of the project.
• Escalate, as appropriate, concerns to Pune Management to resolve issues and to mitigate risks in timely
• Validate that the technical quality is being achieved and pull in assistance as needed.
• Bring in innovation and creativity to improve client’s experience and value proposition working with
Varseno Solutions LLP.
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